Top Supplements for 2021

Supplements are such an interesting subject, particularly because there are so many supplements on the market that don’t actually work!

It’s kind of crazy that there are companies out there with all kinds of false claims about their products, but I’ve compiled a list of the actual, LEGIT, supplements that I’ve tried and loved for 2021

image showing all the best 2021 supplements from this blog post including Ritual Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Ashwaganda FLO vitamins Liquid IV Habrok Whey Protein and Serenity CBD

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Behind The Brand: An In-Depth Look At Ritual Vitamins

Ritual is a multivitamin specifically formulated for you. It’s ingredients are clean and traceable, which means that they literally show you where each ingredient comes from and explains why they are important. You can subscribe and have them delivered to you (yay, COVID friendly!) and unsubscribe without any drawbacks!


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Apple Cider Vinegar has a LOT of different information running around about it. I’m going to spill the tea: it’s NOT a miracle supplement. It’s not going to make you lose 20 pounds in 20 days or any of the other nonsense out there, but it WILL promote gut health and general wellbeing. They also work with a program called Vitamin Angels, which provides all types of vitamins to people in need all around the world, so part of each sale goes to a good cause! Plus they’re gummies and taste super amazing


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Okay, same company as above, but a completely different product! Ashwagandha is linked to helping anxiety when used daily over a multiple week period. It also promotes relaxation to help with stress and sleep


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I’ve personally been using Serenity CBD for over a year now. They’re my go-to because I know their ingredients and their process is clean and sustainable! I take their Breathe blend once every night before bed and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my sleep and how I feel when I wake up (MUCH less cranky– I’m not a morning person!) Feel free to use my code for 20% off an order of any size, including subscriptions. They have the best customer service, so reach out to them with any questions on which bend is best for you.

For more CBD info, check out my post about what CBD is right for you, linked here!


Full disclosure, I haven’t tried these yet. But with all the crazy positive feedback I’ve heard, I couldn’t NOT put them on this list. They’re meant to help curb the symptoms of PMS like cramps, bloating, acne, and mood swings. Seems like kind of a miracle, right? My bottle is in the mail and I’ll update once I’ve tried them for myself!



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There are tons of electrolyte drinks out there, but these contain vitamin C as well as do their job to keep you hydrated! Love all 3 flavors (Lemon, Orange, and Berry). I drink electrolytes before bed because I always wake up feeling dehydrated and it helps a lot!


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I loved Habrok before they started selling a nutrition line, and I love them even more now! They’re marketing towards MMA/Jiu Jitsu peeps, but their protein is clean and perfect for any athlete and comes in different flavors (but Vanilla is the best)


Energy Multiplier Packs | Liquid I.V.™'s Healthy Hydration - Fueling Life's  Adventures – Liquid I.V.
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I tried these out originally because I thought “If they’re good enough for Joe Rogan, they’re good enough for me!” and I was SO RIGHT. The Liquid IV Energy Multiplier is such a game changer. I hate drinking pre-workout because no matter how little I had, it always made me jittery and anxious. This stuff gives all the benefits of having extra energy without the uncomfy feelings that pre-workout usually gives, PLUS it’s super hydrating!


Long Lasting Topical Balm | Serenity CBD
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I mentioned the tinctured in the previous section, but let’s talk about topicals. These are ideal for sports injuries because they help to reduce inflammation! You’re still able to control how much CBD you’re putting in your body because each container lets you know how much is in it and how many “servings” there are. On top of all that, they feel awesome and are sustainable 🙂

Got any suggestions? Leave ideas in the comments!

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