Beach Expectations vs. Reality

Beach Expectations vs. Reality We're all (not so) secretly planning out our next beach vacation in our heads. A lot of this is due to the amazing pictures constantly on social media depicting people having a glam time on the beach with friends. What you forget between beach trips is the actual reality of the… Continue reading Beach Expectations vs. Reality

6 Things to Know Before Your First Work Trip

After a few years of working for myself and small companies, I had never traveled for work before. I recently joined a digital marketing agency that is based in New York City, and part of getting to know the team involved taking a work trip up there for a work week. As someone who absolutely… Continue reading 6 Things to Know Before Your First Work Trip

Why You May Not Smell Your Best

Okay, so I was asked recently what I would call my "scent" As someone who ends up in the gym 6 days a week, my immediate thought was the smell of my deodorant (it's a great smell, really! Fresh and clean). My second thought was the set of perfume I have from Skylar Body┬áthat they… Continue reading Why You May Not Smell Your Best

Why Next Time, I Won’t Take a Cruise

If you've never been on a cruise, I definitely encourage you to check one out at some point in your life! They are 100% a unique experience and can be a ton of fun (especially for families with kiddos) I've been on a few now, and the latest one secured this opinion for me: Next… Continue reading Why Next Time, I Won’t Take a Cruise

My First Tattoo

I've known I wanted at least one tattoo since I was 14. Over the years, my ideas have changed and my list has fluctuated about what I might want to forever put on my body. I decided, however, that if there's something I like, I should just go ahead and get it done even if… Continue reading My First Tattoo

#DallasHype Instameet

  The #DallasHype Instameet was put together as a relief effort to collect items to bring to victims of Hurricane Harvey. All bloggers, Instagrammers, and Dallas-ites were encouraged to bring a plastic grocery bag full of non-perishables to load into a truck that would be going to Houston the next day. From what I could… Continue reading #DallasHype Instameet