LIVELY Takes Dallas

LIVELY (@wearLIVELY) came to Dallas last week and hosted three amazing events for bloggers! I unfortunately only made it to two of them, but they were absolutely amazing

The first event was hosted at Bird Bakery for a cookie decorating class, complete with champagne and cupcakes! Although I wasn’t any good at the whole cookie aspect, getting to meet so many amazing ladies in Dallas was a blast.

The next day was hosted at Soul Cycle (to burn off all those cupcake calories!) and it was intense! There were goody bags galore, and a mini photo booth, and the CEO was there! It was great being able to be so candid about the events and all the amazing products.

The last event was a sip and shop, where Planet Blue let LIVELY take over and actually have people try on and buy products in-store. I wasn’t able to attend that one, but I hear it was just as great as the other events!


Some images were taken from Instagram! In order, these are the ones who took the pictures that weren’t mine: @hotttmanda @cekush94 @gillian_sarofim @syd.nguyen @dania.badawi @wearLIVELY

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