Birthday in Tulum

Everyone loves a good birthday party, but I wanted mine to be on a beach.


Living in Texas, my beach options within driving distance are limited, so I grabbed two of my best friends (and the boyfriend) and we took our asses to Tulum, Mexico.

Photo Feb 23, 11 43 23 AM

Obviously this is a huge blogger spot, and for good reason! The food was amazing,

Photo Feb 24, 9 54 37 AM

the views were awesome,

Photo Feb 22, 5 54 21 PM

and everything was Insta-worthy.

Photo Feb 23, 2 39 06 PM

We stayed in an amazing Airbnb that was essentially a three apartment private compound complete with balconies, a private pool, and hammocks. All for us.

This gave us a huge sense of security because the entire thing was gated off so that no one could get in. It had room for us to park our rental car so that we didn’t have to worry about it getting damaged, and the walls were sturdy and high. I know that a big concern when traveling to Mexico is safety, and our little compound was perfect.

Photo Feb 24, 2 03 10 PMPhoto Feb 24, 2 03 14 PM

When we were out adventuring, we made sure to hit the big two things to check out in Tulum: The Ruins, and Cenotes! Our cenote adventure consisted of visiting two different ones on a private tour through Airbnb (DM me for the link, it was AMAZING)

Photo Feb 22, 1 41 40 PM

Photo Feb 23, 9 13 33 AM

We also decided to check out the much talked-about Azulik, Coco Tulum, and Paradise Beach.

A word to the wise: almost nowhere takes credit card, so we made sure to get plenty of pesos before we got there! And while you don’t need a ton of Spanish knowledge when you’re in popular destinations, a “gracias” was definitely thrown around a lot

Photo Feb 22, 6 01 23 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 23, 2 16 21 PM
Coco Tulum
Photo Feb 24, 11 50 41 AM
Paradise Beach

These are some of my favorite shots from the trip, including ones that my insanely talented friend, @chelsearaleighphotography , took:

Photo Apr 19, 11 20 52 AMPhoto Feb 22, 8 01 13 PMPhoto Apr 19, 11 22 26 AMPhoto Feb 22, 1 44 45 PMPhoto Feb 21, 9 15 31 PMPhoto Apr 21, 11 12 50 PMPhoto Apr 21, 11 12 18 PM


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