My First Tattoo

I’ve known I wanted at least one tattoo since I was 14.

Over the years, my ideas have changed and my list has fluctuated about what I might want to forever put on my body. I decided, however, that if there’s something I like, I should just go ahead and get it done even if there’s no “deeper meaning” to it.


I got mine done at a local place called Davis Street Tattoo that came highly recommended by my favorite person. Nick got his whole sleeve done by an artist there named Mark Thompson

Mark has been putting ink on bodies since before I was born, so I felt pretty comfortable going into it with him as my artist.

Well, as comfortable as someone with a terrible fear of needles can be going into a multi-hour needle sesh.

(I’m so awful with needles, that I waited until I was 16 to get my ears pierced, and even then I passed out as soon as they were done!)

As you can see by my facial expressions, I only had two modes: meditation or extreme freakout

For the first hour and a half (or so) I was pretty much meditating so that I wouldn’t think about exactly what was happening to my arm. After that, I’m pretty sure my brain caught up and decided that it was time to panic

Luckily, Mark ignored my calls to “pause!” and “I don’t really think I need the shading!” because the end result is something I completely adore.

Here’s the design process that we went through as well as the end result! It took a few months all said and done, but it was totally worth it.

Drawing #1 with a pristine boat and calm seas
Drawing #2 with a weathered boat in a medium sized storm
Final Tattoo

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23 thoughts on “My First Tattoo”

  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!! That is an AWESOME tattoo!!! I have like 17 so it’s definitely an addiction haha

  2. Was it painful? I know you were meditating and I guess it took while? The ship looks pretty cool.

  3. I always admired people who can tattoo other people. Drawing or painting on paper is hard enough yet alone on human body! Your tattoo looks great and you did very well enduring the tattooing process

  4. Interesting choice for your first ink. It turned out nice. That spot near the elbow, it’s a tender one. That is a lot of work for your your first tattoo, good on you.

  5. OMGGGGG you are so brave and strong! im thinking of getting my first one done soon but not as big as yours! your pain tolerance is Amazeballs!!!

  6. Wow, that’s surely a very talented artist! I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, but can’t decide whether to go in for words or a visual representation of the motto of my life. Kudos to you for facing your fear of needles to go for what you really wanted.
    – Nandita

  7. Oh wow this looks stunning. 😍😍 My boyfriend would love this art, he is about to get his tattoo done. I Will show him later on. 😊😊

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