Why Next Time, I Won’t Take a Cruise




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If you’ve never been on a cruise, I definitely encourage you to check one out at some point in your life! They are 100% a unique experience and can be a ton of fun (especially for families with kiddos)

I’ve been on a few now, and the latest one secured this opinion for me:
Next time, I won’t take a cruise.


I recently went to Havana, Cuba via cruise ship with one of my besties, Erica. It was a blast to hang out with her and her man both on the ship and on actual Cuba, but that wasn’t the problem.


There were a few problems with our cruise:

-The Time Ashore:

Out of a 4 day cruise, only one of those was actually spent in Cuba. Crazy, right? We go all the way there to explore and only get one day to do it.


-The Mandatory Excursion:

Now I know that some places this doesn’t apply, but for us it did. We had to take an excursion in order to get off the boat. Like, what?
The shortest approved excursion we could find lasted 4 hours (ended up being more like 4.5 hours). While it ended up being fun for the first part (we got to eat awesome food with a great view), we were pretty over the guided tour that lasted 2 hours on foot. I definitely would have preferred to walk around myself.


-The Boat:

You literally cannot go anywhere except for your room without being around tons of people. If you’re someone (like me) that really enjoys having your own personal time and space, a cruise is not for you.


-The Rooms:

My (amazing) Nick decided to spring for a deluxe suite right above the captain’s deck so that we could actually have some space in our room, but the other 90% of the passengers are crammed into rooms so small that they are basically just beds with a tiny bathroom. Not a lot of room for relaxation.


-The Price:

YIKES. We could have spent SO much more time in a nice hotel on the beach for the price that the trip ended up being on a cruise ship. There are fees for everything, and they charged us an extra gratuity percent on top of everything (even things we already tipped for)


All in all the trip was still amazing, but next time, I won’t take a cruise to go explore new places.

One of the highlights ended up being a suggestion from the locals for a night club/bar to go check out. It was half way an art gallery and half way a club with 3 different sets going on in different areas! Definitely worth the late night.IMG_2308.jpgIMG_2302.jpg



4 thoughts on “Why Next Time, I Won’t Take a Cruise”

  1. we’re on the same page! also Imagine Flushing Faeces in the Ocean! Tons of human waste flow through the pipes right into the water. The situation is not as romantic as adverts show!


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