Why You May Not Smell Your Best

Okay, so I was asked recently what I would call my “scent”

As someone who ends up in the gym 6 days a week, my immediate thought was the smell of my deodorant (it’s a great smell, really! Fresh and clean). My second thought was the set of perfume I have from Skylar Body that they were awesome enough to send me to test out.

But neither of those were what I could really call my own.

The Scent Room-0002.jpg

The Scent Room

The place I was asked this question just so happened to be a niche perfumery called The Scent Room 

The owner, Deborah, is all about expressing your personality through scent. It’s personally something I never gave a ton of thought to, which is crazy because smell is the sense that is most closely linked to memory.

Have you ever smelled something and were immediately transported into a memory of a different time in your life, or of a specific person?
It’s the power of scent!

So naturally, I had to find my scent. duh.

Photo Apr 08, 10 45 53 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 22, 10 58 02 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 22, 11 59 44 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 22, 12 46 19 PM.jpg

SO I went on a “scent journey”. All of the perfumes are hand-picked by the owner to display in the shop. They are from exclusive lines that are typically extremely hard to find. Every scent has a story behind it, and I got to hear all about them from the owner, Deborah. She was incredible in helping me find which scents I loved the most and explaining exactly what my nose was smelling.

The Scent Room-0025.jpg

Some of my favorites were:

Roja Danger

Photo Apr 22, 11 28 05 AM.jpg


Photo Apr 22, 11 20 53 AM.jpg


Photo Apr 22, 11 15 46 AM.jpg


Photo Apr 08, 11 58 21 AM.jpg

If you’re like me, and you never really thought past “mm that smells pretty nice”, you should definitely find a perfumery near you to really find your scent.

What scent do you want people to remember you by?

The Scent Room-0004.jpg

The Scent Room-0008.jpg

The Scent Room-0003.jpg

Some of these captures were taken by the amazing Chelsea Raleigh Photography Go check her work out for wedding and couples photography as well!

12 thoughts on “Why You May Not Smell Your Best”

  1. I Found your article very interesting I learned lot about the smell. So kind of you to provide us a knowledge of these important things really helpful, Thank you for sharing this vital information and tactics with us.

  2. Never thought of personalized scents according to personality, but it does make a lot of sense. I prefer stronger scents, which is close to my own personality.

  3. Expressing yourself through scent is any interesting way to approach parfum. I love your approach!

  4. Such an interesting title! And the article is so much fun and yes, you’re right, everybody has his own perfect scent!

  5. I have a migraine, usually, I don’t really use perfumes and any scents. But sometimes if the smell doesn’t trigger my head I am using it most of the time. I have to see how these scents goes.

  6. Wow, I never knew that our personality carries their own scent. I have to find mine. I don’t wear perfume a lot because I work with kids.

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